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Create a 
Beautiful Atmosphere 
for your event



I want to help you set the tone you want for your big day! But getting the timing and mood just right for those emotional, make- your- family- cry moments can be tricky!

That’s why I work closely with clients to create the perfect wedding vibe. Let’s transform your vision into a seamless soundtrack to accompany your day :)



Choose your instrumentation

Looking for an intimate feel or the fuller sound of two instruments harmonizing?

If you love a simple, elegant feel, then solo harp might be the right choice for you! Although solo harp can pack a punch occasionally (I love to use rhythmical elements and incorporate my loop pedal for a more upbeat feel!), overall, the music will be a bit more subdued- light, soft, and graceful. Ideal for smaller gatherings!

I personally am a sucker for string instruments, especially cello (thanks Yo- Yo Ma!) That’s why I formed a harp and cello duo and work exclusively with conservatory trained cellists. The timbre of the cello can sustain the melody line of your favorite song perfectly while the resonance of the harp provides accompaniment.

Take a listen to some of our favorite wedding songs below to see if you love this instrument combo as much as we do!


Wedding/event music samples

Traditional Wedding Music Timeline


Prelude Music
Set the mood

Start off your wedding with intimate, live pre- ceremony music as your guests arrive and are seated. These are usually softer, more subdued songs and pieces, but don’t have to be! Choose from popular, classical, or a mix of genres

Every wedding is


1. Share Your Vision

What is important to you and your fiancé on your wedding day? Schedule a free initial consult with me to discuss your wedding vision

We will work together to discover the most meaningful music for those key moments of your big day

Enjoy your wedding day as we set the tone with beautiful renditions of your favorite songs. Create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime


I offer solo harp and harp and cello services for nearly every type of event you can think of:

corporate events

holiday parties

dinner parties

birthday parties


religious services

holiday parties


recording sessions


...and more

I would love to chat and see if I might be the right fit for whatever type of event you're planning!

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Delightful and Skillful
(Marc D  | 4/24/2021)

I contacted Elisabeth to perform at my father's 90th backyard birthday party after hearing her expressive playing online. My father and our cohort are all classical music fans and I requested only classical music. Elisabeth programmed 3 sets of wide ranging repertoire beautifully. Her friendly professionalism charmed and impressed my father, and her exquisite performances wowed everyone who heard her.

Liz is proud to be a principal artist for Pink Mozart Entertainment. They are a full scale music entertainment agency, providing music for all occasions! If you are interested in an ensemble that is LARGER than just harp and cello, or if you want multiple groups for seamless transitions on your big day, Pink Mozart will be able to help you out!
A huge thank you to Pink Mozart for their constant support as well as access to the videos on this page!

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